Speakers for Keepers of the Water VI: Our Waters are One
September 26-29, 2012 · Fort Nelson, BC
Eh-Cho Dene/Dunne-Za, JD Concentration in Environmental Law and Sustainability

Caleb Behn is Eh-Cho Dene and Dunne Za/Cree from the Treaty 8 Territory of Northeastern BC. He has recently graduated from the University of Victoria with a Juris Doctor degree and is among the first UVic Law students granted the Concentration in Environmental Law and Sustainability. Prior to law school, he was the Oil and Gas Officer for the West Moberly First Nations and a Lands Manager for the Saulteau First Nations.

Mr. Behn is the subject of a documentary film focused on the impact of hydraulic fracturing in Canada and Aotearoa, New Zealand.

» VIDEO: Hydraulic Fracturing in Northeastern BC: An Illustration of the Duality of Technology (14:02 · TEDxMileZero)